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Vulvovagi with Ozoile is an innovative spray, a valid alternative to drugs for vaginitis and vaginosis. It is indicated as therapy and prevention of vaginal discomfort: leucorrhoea, vaginosis and non-specific vaginitis of inflammatory or bacterial nature. Vulvovagi® spray acts on female intimate inflammations, pain, itching, burning, vaginal dryness, physiological alterations, and abnormal secretions, even from hypoxia.

  • Vulvovagi protects and regenerates from inflammation and infections of various etiology
  • Normalizes mucus-cutaneous reactivity of the female genital area
  • Respects the vaginal ecosystem and restores it
  • Eliminates pain, itching, burning, dryness and unpleasant abnormal leaks
  • Promotes tissue regeneration for the recovery of correct physiology
  • Counteract the problem of recurrences and bacterial and fungal resistances
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Vulvovagi is a natural protective spray that regenerates the mucosa and rebalances the microbial flora. It’s Revolutionary thanks to its pool of Ozoile molecules, Ozonides stable with Vitamin E Acetate, releases oxygen and normalizes the pH. 

In synergy with glirchy acid, Ozoile acts quickly on itching and burning and acts as a lubricant oleolite that solve vaginal dryness. In synergy with melaleuca oil Alternifolia creates an environment hostile to the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic fungi with a mechanism other than normal antibiotics, which lose effectiveness over time for the phenomenon of microbial resistance and lead to relapses.

Vulvovagi is a powerful protective spray for topical use against bacterial and fungal inflammations from candida and not only. Easy to use with its cannula spray formulation: Practical and easy to use. It is an effective and natural alternative to the use of douches, ovules, antibiotics and local anti-inflammatory.


Non-specific vaginitis, mycotic, bacteria, vaginosis, vulvovaginitis, vaginal discomfort, leucorrhoea. Vulvovagi acts on inflammation, pain, itching, burning, vaginal dryness, physiological changes and abnormal secretions even from hypoxia. Vulvovagi is also indicated during pregnancy.


Two or three sprays, morning and evening in the acute period until the total disappearance of the symptoms and, in the maintaining phase, once in the evening for a week. Before applying cleanse with Idrozoil. The treatment period. The treatment period differs according to the rapidity of the therapeutic response

Data sheet

Codice PARAF (a barre)
Capacità / n. Pezzi
Spary 20 ml
Patologie e Sintomi
Bruciore genitale
Discomfort vaginale
Infezione genitale
Infiammazione genitale
Prurito genitale
Secchezza vaginale
Secrezione vaginale

L'esperto risonde

I have the vulvovaginal candida, I would like to know if I can treat it and resolve it with vulvovagi, have you already had experience of total resolution of this annoying pathology? if so, in what dose do you recommend it?

The product has been studied for all alterations of vulvovagina and is successfully used for the treatment of candida. 

Vulvovagi is a product that normalizes the vaginal ecosystem; it acts not only on the common symptoms of candida such as redness, itching, inflammation but also restores the correct function of the vaginal mucosa thanks to bioperoxides that exert bactericidal and fungicidal action.

The product should be applied morning and evening for 10 days, allowing it to arrive also in the rectal ampulla where the candida escapes. It is recommended to combine it with Vo3 intimate detergent, a delicate medical ozone based detergent, without surfactants. (Erbagil s. r. l. )

Good morning, I suffer from vulvodinia and often have a high vaginal pH, leading to burning, discharge and the presence of bacteria such as ecoli or enterococcus or candida. I would like to know if vulvovagi spray can be useful and how to apply it inside the vagina. I live in the province of Asti, what pharmacy could get it for me? Could I possibly order online with payment by bank transfer in advance? Waiting for your answer, I cordially greet you. Daniela

Good morning, Vulvovagi spray can be used for your pathology, it is equipped with a dispenser that allows you to apply the product also internally, clearly if the problem persists you need a specialist consult to identify the aetiological agent of your infection and carry out a specific therapy, possibly also orally. Best regards (Dr. Valentina Carlomagno)

Good evening, after a few months of strong vulvar itching precisely the upper part of the vaginal labia and pubis, treated with cortisone without results, the gynaecologist advised me Rigenoma Cream, I'm applying it twice a day for 7 days but the itching is always strong and constant and also have formed many scabs of dead skin . Is it normal that the itching persists?

Dear User, for your problem I recommend you to apply Vulvovagi both internally and externally as shock therapy for 7 days, one or two sprays morning and evening and then continue with the cream as maintenance therapy once a day. If during the application of the spray you should feel an initial burning, even intense, don't worry! It will last only few seconds, the product is doing its action. This feeling is followed by a well-being feeling. At your disposal for any other information, dear greetings

Dr. Gilda Benevento (Dr. Gilda Benevento)

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