What is Stamiuvex®

Stamiuvex® is the Erbagil Patent made on stem cells obtained from organic unripe grape fruit, from the biological Cultivar FALANGHINA DEL SANNIO DOP, in its own Research laboratories. Stamiuvex® stem cells perform the function of anti-age reprogramming and cell regeneration and they characterize the whole Erbagil cosmetic line.

Stamiuvex® acts on free radicals thanks to the highly available polyphenols, has antioxidant properties and inhibits the oxidative degeneration of molecules. It is indicated to enhance beauty of the face and body and take care of your skin. Stamiuvex® is the result of exclusive raw materials for an exclusive beauty.

The effectiveness of Stamiuvex®

Stamiuvex® gives the skin shine, tone, elasticity, hydration and cell regeneration. It protects the skin from atmospheric agents and pollution. It has an anti-aging action thanks to the stem cells, which stimulate cell renewal and has a soothing action that improves the functionality of the microcirculation. Stamiuvex® is effective thanks to its plumping and moisturizing function: it makes the skin more toned, elastic and velvety.

Stamiuvex®: how it was born

Erbagil selects the best unripe grape fruit berries from its Estate and extracts stem cells. In these tissue the cell viability is very high so it is possible to obtain cultures with an higher growth potential compared to cells derived by full-grown grape. During the in vitro growing, vegetal tissue is induced to relapse to stem cells.

After obtaining the stem cells in a solid growing medium, stem cells have to be inoculated in a liquid growing medium to develop properly. The fermentation has to be strictly controlled in terms of light, oxygen, temperature and nutrients to allow the growth of stem cells avoiding their differentiation.

During the liquid fermentation stem cells can be induced to overproduce interesting active ingredients such as polyphenols and stilbenes both in a free form and in glycosylated forms. These latest glycosylated molecules are both more stable and bio-available. The whole process is solvent free and paraben free.

Action on free radicals by Stamiuvex®

Stamiuvex® quickly acts on free radicals thanks to the highly bio-available polyphenols synthesized by stem cells.

Laboratory tests showed that STAMIUVEX® reduces radical species rapidly and effectively. STAMIUVEX is an effective support to neutralize the dangerous radical species caused by internal (stress, smoke, unbalanced nutrition etc.) and external (pollution, UV radiation etc.) factors.


Antioxydant effect of Stamiuvex®

Stamiuvex® retains its antioxidant effectiveness in cosmetic formulations conferring anti-age properties to it.


Oxidative action of Stamiuvex®

Stamiuvex® has a high ability to inhibit oxidative degradation of molecules.

In vivo tests performed applying STAMIUVEX diluted in water on skin showed a relevant effectiveness in enhancing the antiradical capacity of the skin. The mORAC / m2 values were increased of more than the 120% indicating a very effective protection provided by STAMIUVEX against free radical aggressions.