Excellent products Made in Italy

Excellent products made in Italy

Erbagil® designs, produces and markets medical devices, cosmetics, beverage and agricultural products with exclusive organic raw materials from Erbagil® Estate, guaranteed 100% Made in Italy Certification of origin and quality.

Erbagil® promotes its territories from generation to generation. At the moment, it’s in the hands of the company founder, Dr Vincenzo Benevento. Erbagil® is the perfect union between nature and man: the first offers precious fruits, the second uses its potential realizing high quality products exported all over the world.

Erbagil Estate

Erbagil® Estate is in the Sannio hill that hosts the centuries-old roots olive trees, vines and medicinal plants. Here lie the roots of our family. Starting from a proud agricultural vocation that in recent decades has embarked on the ambitious process of research and innovation for product and procedure. Erbagil® Estate is a place of eternal and circular symbiosis between man and nature, biocompatible and eco-sustainable, in respect of both.

Erbagil® Research

Erbagil® Research, carried out in the olives Cultivar Ortolana and Racioppella of the Erbagil Estate, generates +Oil , organic olive oil which, through an ozonation process, produces Ozoile®- Stable Ozonides-which returns a set of cosmetics, medical devices, agriculture products and foods for special medical purposes, that improve and defend the immune system of higher species - humans, plants and animals - from microbial attacks.

The Erbagil® Research & Development process also develops Stamiuvex®, starting from unripe grapes cultivated in the Erbagil® Estate, at the core of our cosmetic line. Stamiuvex® stem cells perform the function of anti-aging reprogramming and cell regeneration. It acts on free radicals thanks to the highly available polyphenols, has antioxidant properties and inhibits the oxidative degradation of molecules.


Erbagil® company is biosustainable and eco-compatible. Our approach believes in the cultivation of olive trees, vines and medicinal plants without the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemical products. We believe in the cultivation of the land in a 100% organic way. We cultivate medicinal plants, olive trees and vines of the Sannio exclusively with raw materials of vegetable origin innovated by Green Technology processes. This is why Erbagil "enhances nature and defends it". It is a precious biological, virtuous and circular process that starts from nature to return to nature. It is our goal, our vocation, our daily work. Furthermore, our philosophy leads us to continually seek and innovate with a fair and ethical approach and to create effective and healthy healing products that respect people and agriculture. This is why Erbagil is "More than a drug, without a drug". That’s why Erbagil is "Exclusive beauty with exclusive formulation and products" and "More chemistry, without chemistry"


"Nature between science and wisdom". We want to transfer the local wealth of our research into the world, dedicated to the care and health of plants, humans and animals. We want to be the safe and valid biological alternative to pharmaceutical products, cortisone drugs and chemicals. We want to create a collaborative approach with nature, to strengthen and defend it. To produce organic oils and wines, linked to tradition, and exclusive raw materials with innovation and research. We want to be a point of reference in the curative, cosmetic and food sector. We want to strengthen our leading position and contribute to the development of the entire supply chain: from production to marketing, from research to innovation, from marketing to sales to the labor market. We want to promote the redistribution of wealth and resources within the community: with the proceeds from our work and with our work itself we want to help the community to live "a free and dignified existence", more just and fair, and contribute to a level of reasonable economic well-being among members of society.