Brevetto Ozoile

Ozoile®,Discover the patent in their reaction products, is the active, unreachable active ingredient patented by Erbagil which, thanks to its modulation action of redox reactions in higher organisms such as humans, plants and animals, releases oxygen, counteracts hypoxia and plays an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial action and regenerates tissues. The Ozoile® redox reactions allow to increase the endogenous defense system. Ozoile® is a powerful biological inducer obtained from a patented green technology process, in which Ozone binds to oleic acid forming Ozonides, that Erbagil stabilized in its own research laboratories.

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Brevetto Stamiuex

Stamiuvex® is the Erbagil patent developed in its own research laboratories, made from organic unripe berries grown on its Estate. Stamiuvex® stem cells perform the function of anti-age reprogramming and cell regeneration and characterize the whole Erbagil cosmetic line. Stamiuvex® acts on free radicals thanks to the highly available polyphenols, has antioxidant properties and inhibits the oxidative degradation of molecules. Stamiuvex® is the result of a solvent and paraben free process, realized through a green technology process. Stamiuvex® enhances the charm of the face and body and takes care of the skin.

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