Idrozoil Rinsing Detergent

Brebetto Ozoile

For the treatment of inflamed, itchy skin mucous membranes and affected by microorganisms

Rinsing Detergent with Ozoile for the treatment of inflamed, itchy skin mucous membranes and scalp to repair and regenerate. Idrozoil Detergent contains Ozoile a pool of functional molecules, patented, with anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and regenerating action. SLS and SLES free, fragrance free, color free. It is indicated for the treatment of sensitive, reactive, inflamed, itchy skin and mucous membranes, also caused by imbalances in the microbial flora. 

  • Suitable for all types of skins
  • Gentle and biocompatible cleansing in case of inflammation, itching and irritation
  • Prevents and controls bacterial proliferation
  • Ideal for skin hygiene of newborns, the elderly and all categories at risk 
  • It can be used for the female and male hygiene the cleansing of the anal and perianal zone, during pregnancy and in case of orthopedic devices
  • For frequent washing due to sports activity and competitions

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IDROZOIL rinsing detergent for sensitive, reactive, inflamed, infected skin and mucous membranes with low delipidizing power. Gently cleanses thanks to Decyl Glucoside, an innovative and biocompatible surfactant that avoids the problems of irritation and hypersensitivity caused by aggressive sulphate terminal surfactants.

Idrozoil contains Ozoile with anti-inflammatory and anti-itch action, which in association with Melaleuca Alternifolia is also ideal for cleansing skin infected with bacteria, fungi and viruses.


Idrozoil rinsing detergent is indicated for daily cleaning for the hygiene of sensitive, reactive, inflamed, itchy skin and mucous membranes, also due to imbalances in the microbial flora. Ideal for a natural cleansing of all skin types, for male intimate hygiene, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, post-partum, for washing the ano-perianal area, in the case of fissures, hemorrhoids, proctitis and in case of skin in contact with orthopedic devices. Excellent in case of frequent washing as in sport practice.


  • Skin cleansing: Apply the right amount of the product on a wet sponge, rub it gently on the skin and finally rinse with water. 
  • Intimate Hygiene: Apply the right amount in the palm of your hand, foam, clean, rub and then rinse with water. 

Data sheet

Codice PARAF (a barre)
Capacità / n. Pezzi
150 ml
Patologie e Sintomi
Detersione cute lesa
Igiene cute e mucose sensibili
Igiene intima




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L'esperto Risponde

I’m using Banival® for a balanitis problem. The specialist recommended it to me for 2 months given the ineffectiveness of other drugs and creams prescribed by more than 4 dermatologists. My question is: Isn't 2 months a little too much given that on the leaflet it is written for a maximum of 10 days? Thanks for your reply

Dear User, There is no contraindication to prolonged use of the product. You can follow the specialist's therapeutic advice. We recommend that you use Idrozoil® detergent for daily cleansing.

Good evening, I'm 15 years old and in the last few days I've had pimples on my temples, I don't suffer from acne and I wanted to know if spray regeneration can be used in this situation. Thank you in advance

Dear user, The Rigenoma spray is the ideal product. Rigenoma spray, based on ozonized oil, Vitamin E and Melaleuca alternifolia oil have a bactericidal, fungicidal and virustatic action. Therefore, in addition to fighting bacteria, it also fights recurrences. A fundamental element to guarantee perfect hygiene: I recommend washing your face morning and evening with our delicate Idrozoil cleanser. (Erbagil s. r. l. )

Good morning, I am 60 years old and I have been suffering for two months from Vulvovaginosis from escherichia coli and enterococcus faecalis treated in vain with antibiotics, various disinfectants etc., Now I would like to buy your Idrozoil, Rigenoma and Vulvovagi cream, but I would like to know if they are suitable for my type of problem in particular how to use and alternate them during the daily therapy. thank you.

Dear user, our products are particularly suitable for bactericidal therapy without the use of drugs that generate resistance and when not resolutive, as in your case, they only end up aggravating the situation. Ozoile is different, it acts as a drug even if it is not. Free Bioperoxides with bactericidal, fungicidal and viral action that aim at the same time to restore physiological conditions by lowering the pH and through the release of oxygen, immediately available, fight hypoxia that causes negative competition between the strains normally present in the vagina, also favoring the attack of microorganisms not normally present, as in her case. Use Idrozoil in intimate washing, Vulvovagi as shock therapy, two sprays twice three times a day for 15 days, then once a day for another 15 days. To soothe and moisturize the most external part I recommend, after having applied Vulvovagi internally, to apply Rigenoma cream externally. At your disposal for any other information, dear greetings

Dr. Gilda Benevento (Dr. Gilda Benevento)

Good evening, I've been using idrozoyl as an intimate cleanser for a few years and I'm doing very well, but I discovered a few months ago that I'm allergic to Nickel and I need to know if this product contains it; there's no Nickel tested on the package and this makes me think that maybe I won't be able to use it anymore. I am waiting for clarification. Thank you

Dear User,

all Erbagil products are obtained using nickel free raw materials, so stay sure about the use the product, in fact, thank you for reporting this missing and we will bring it back on the new boxes and package leaflet.

Dear greetings,

Dr. Gilda Benevento (Dr. Gilda Benevento)

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