Ozoile in the treatment of venous ulcers in the lower limbs

Pmi flagship of Made in Italy: 800 champions of growth

Pmi flagship of Made in Italy: 800 champions of growth

Erbagil is “Campione della crescita 2022”!

The 4th edition of the research, curated by the German Institute for Quality and Finance and la Repubblica, which examines the growth in turnover in the 2017-2020 three-year period of over 25,000 Italian companies, led Erbagil to reach position No. 133 in Italy. ? A special recognition that aims to give credit to companies considered excellence in the Italian economy, engines of growth despite the complex macroeconomic situation of recent years. A goal that makes us believe even more in our means and pushes us to always go beyond our expectations.

Erbagil is Growth Leader 2023!

Erbagil Srl is among the small and medium-sized enterprises with the highest turnover growth in the 2023 Growth Leader Ranking drawn up by "Il Sole 24 Ore" and "Statista"

Erbagil Srl Growth Leader 2022 by "Il Sole 24 Ore" and "Statista"

FT 1000 2022, Erbagil among the best 1000 companies in Europe!

FT 1000 2022, ERBAGIL enters the Financial Times ranking.

La Erbagil Srl Growth Leader 2021 by "Il Sole 24 Ore" and "Statista"

Osservatorio Medico Scientifico

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