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Erbagil® Research & Development is born from the Estate.

Erbagil® Research, carried out on the olives Cultivar Ortolana and Racioppella of the Erbagil Estate, generates +Oil, organic olive oil which, through an ozonation process, produces Ozoile®- Stable Ozonides-which returns a set of cosmetics, medical devices, agriculture products and foods for special medical purposes, that enhance and defend the immune system of higher species - humans, plants and animals - from microbial attacks. The Erbagil® Research & Development process also develops Stamiuvex®, starting from the grape bunches of the Erbagil® Estate. With a first cut in the month of May, unripe grape berries are selected to extract the precious stem cells necessary to obtain the Erbagil® organic cosmetic line, 100% Italian and certified.


Poliuvex® is the Erbagil® research conducted on grape skins. A process that, thanks to our exclusive technologies, investigates how to exploit the properties of the peel in the cosmetic field. The Poliuvex® research process is solvent and paraben free and collects all the active grape skin molecules in a bioavailable form. The result is a phenolic compound with antioxidant and anti-aging properties that effectively counteract aging and skin stress, without contraindications for the skin.

Ricerca Oil3


+ Oil3® is the Erbagil® research conducted on the organic extra virgin olive oil of the Cultivar Ortolana and Racioppella del Sannio. + Oil3® is made with enhanced biological action. The research allows to create an emulsion rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, with excellent cosmetic and healing properties. + Oil®, in fact, effectively protects the skin from the harmful action of free radicals and prevents the effects of aging. It has emollient properties, deeply nourishes the skin, regulates the natural hydration system and soothes redness and irritation.

Ricerca Lifavitis


Linfavitis® research is carried out by laboratory analysis on the sap of Sannio vines: a balanced mixture of nutrients such as mineral salts, amino acids, natural saccharides, polyphenols, organic acids and auxins. The sap of the vine of Falanghina and Aglianico allows the production of a gel formulation which, according to in vitro test, improves the skin condition and cell vitality, increasing the hydration and elasticity of the skin, without contraindications. 



The Rigefruit® research is conducted on vegetal extracts of Trentino apple, Sicilian lemon, red grape skin of Sannio and wheat bran of Puglia. The result of the research generates a water based tartaric acid emulsion rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, which help the skin remain healthy. In particular Rigefruit®, according to in vitro test, is able to regenerate and revitalize the skin, protect collagen and stimulate fibroblasts for the production of new fibrils. The skin remains healthy, young and shiny.

Erbagil Patent

Brevetto Ozoile

Ozoile®, Stable Ozonides in their reaction products, is the active, unreachable active ingredient patented by Erbagil which, thanks to its modulation action of redox reactions in higher organisms such as humans, plants and animals, releases oxygen, counteracts hypoxia and plays an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial action and regenerates tissues. The Ozoile® redox reactions allow to increase the endogenous defense system. Ozoile® is a powerful biological inducer obtained from a patented green technology process, in which Ozone binds to oleic acid forming Ozonides, that Erbagil stabilized in its own research laboratories.

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Brevetto Stamiuex

Stamiuvex® is the Erbagil patent developed in its own research laboratories, made from organic unripe berries grown on its Estate. Stamiuvex® stem cells perform the function of anti-age reprogramming and cell regeneration and characterize the whole Erbagil cosmetic line. Stamiuvex® acts on free radicals thanks to the highly available polyphenols, has antioxidant properties and inhibits the oxidative degradation of molecules. Stamiuvex® is the result of a solvent and paraben free process, realized through a green technology process. Stamiuvex® enhances the charm of the face and body and takes care of the skin.

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