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Procten with Ozoile is a natural protective cream with a barrier effect that cures external and internal hemorrhoids, rhagades and proctitis; it eliminates itching, anal and perianal burning, inflammation and fights infections, stimulating tissue regeneration and repairing damages.

Procten is a protective, anti-inflammatory regenerating cream with Ozoile (Erbagil Patent), a pool of multifunctional molecules:

  • anti-wrinkle and microbicidal action
  • with Cera Alba creates a natural physical protective barrier against fecal acidity and pathogen attack
  • a valid alternative to local cortisone, disinfectants and antibiotics
  • against recurrences and resistance problem due to bacteria and fungi
  • promotes healing and tissue regeneration

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Procten cures and prevents anorectal and perianal problems thanks to Ozoile, with anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and microbicidal action, which combined with Cera Alba creates a natural physical protective barrier against fecal acidity and pathogen attack: a true mechanical barrier of protection from direct contact between the mucous membrane and acid stools loaded with pathogens that allows Ozoile and Hyaluronic Acid to activate regeneration and correct re-epithelialization.

Procten with Glycyrrhetic Acid and Blackcurrant, in synergy with Ozoile, has an immediate effect on itching, burning and inflammation without the contraindications and side effects of cortisone. It stimulates tissue regeneration and hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid


For topical use in the treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids, rhagades, eczema, anal and perianal erythema, itching and burning, proctitis, crypts, fissures, perianal fistulas; pre- and post-operative treatment in anus-rectal surgery prevents and treats proctitis and tenesmus by radiotherapy stimulates tissue regeneration and re-epithelialization of anus-rectal mucosa


Thoroughly cleanse the affected area with Idrozoil diluted in water and then dry your skin.

  • External applications:: apply the product directly on the affected area repeating the application 2-3 times a day and in any case after each evacuation.
  • Internal applications: tighten on the tube the rectal nozzle and apply to the affected area at night, in the morning and after each evacuation until the condition is under control. The treatment period differs according to the rapidity of the therapeutic response.

Data sheet

Codice PARAF (a barre)
Capacità / n. Pezzi
40 ml
Patologie e Sintomi
Bruciore anale
Eczema anale
Eritema anale
Fissure anali
Fistole perianali
Prurito anale

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Hello i’m a 58 year old man. ... slight prostatitis is causing small perianal abscess formation. . fever or major ailments. . ...naturopath has advised me to use vulvovagi and not antibiotic. . Do I have to put vulvovagi on the outside as well as on the inside of the rectal ampoule? Can I insert with a finger on which I sprayed the vulvovagi or with a cannula for internal use? Twice a day? Thank you

Dear User, for your problem the company has recently put Procten on the market, a product targeted for anorectal problems. Compared to Vulvovagi it is in the form of a cream that adheres perfectly to the walls and is equipped with an internal applicator. If you have already purchased Vulvovagi there are no problems, please use this product which is equipped with a double dispenser, both external and internal, then introduce the cannula slightly and spray. I recommend it after washing with Idrozoil, a delicate detergent with anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action, two sprays a day of Vulvovagi or Procten, morning and evening and at each evacuation. Ozoile is not a drug, has no contraindications and side effects and does not give problems of overdose, this means that in the acute phase can be used several times a day, depending on the case. Both Vulvovagi and Procten are based on Ozoile (Ozonides stable in oleic acid with Vitamin and acetate), a patented pool of molecules that contains Ozonides with anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and Bioperoxides with bactericidal, fungicidal, viral action. Ozoile is also able to release oxygen and to promote the regeneration and healing processes of the lesion because it activates the growth factors involved in the tissue repair process. . At your disposal for any other information, I send cordial greetings.

Dr. Gilda Benevento (Dr. Gilda Benevento)

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