Erbagil Tenuta

Erbagil Estate

Deep roots in an ancient land. Olive tree roots, vineyards and medicinal plants. Roots of an industrious family linked to the age-old process of plowing, sowing and harvesting. A Samnite family, ours, which today is a solid reality active in the curative, cosmetic and food fields with an eco-sustainable vision of the world and a biocompatible approach.

Erbagil® Estate is the ridge where the furrow of past generations, of tradition, has welcomed and fertilized the seed of progress. The furrow in which the founder, Vincenzo Benevento, saw commitment, passion and work sprout. Erbagil® Estate is the hill where our family, linked to the territory of Guardia Sanframondi and proud of its agricultural vocation, has undertaken the path of research and innovation in the field of healing, cosmetics and food in respect of nature and people.

The hill where we strengthen and protect olive trees, vines and medicinal plants thanks to our laboratory research with which we produce biological products that increase the immune defenses of plants and crops. Because we believe in the precious collaboration between man and nature. An eternal and circular symbiosis, biocompatible and eco-sustainable, in respect of both.