THE FIRST dermo-biological product that contains the three vital pillars at the base of regenerative medicine:




Regenerative medicine is the process of invigorating cells to restore their normal tissue functions. Regenerating means treating, exploiting all the potential and benefits of the natural elements that make up the existence of the human being. We are born from water, we reduce the oxidation of vessels thanks to the ozone, we protect cell membranes thanks to the phospholipids of olive oil.


An innovative formulation that combines the wise and powerful vital properties of purified Sea Water and Ozone derived from +Oil® with dry extracts of medicinal plants and natural components with a rapid pain-relieving action, giving immediate relief.

Natural Seawater "the primordial broth of life", an innovative component of Ozomar, subjected to purification and ultra-filtration restores the correct balance of trace elements between the superficial and deep layers of the skin.

The Ozone derived from +Oil®, organic olive oil subjected to gasification with Ozone, counteracts the oxidative stress induced by traumas or by the causes of pain, optimizes the microcirculation and the tissue oxygenation.


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