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Otorig with Ozoile prevents and treats inflammatory, bacterial, fungal, hearing aid otitis and is effective in the treatment of eczema, dermatitis and keratosis of the ear canal. Otorig Drops for inflamed ear optimizes the dissolution of the earwax plug and facilitates its removal.

• Fast anti-inflammatory action without cortisone;

• Fast antimicrobial action, creates an  unfavorable environment to bacterial, fungal and viral infections;

• Election Treatment in CUE Eczema;

• Eliminates Desquamation - Itching - Swelling - Redness;

• Dissolves the earwax plug and prevents its formation.

Otorig Anti-inflammatory Drops with Ozoile is indicated for the treatment and hygiene of Irritated, Itchy, Desquamated External Auditory Duct, Acute and Chronic Otitis, Otomycosis, Bacterial and Viral Otitis, Eczema of the CUE, Earwax Plug, Dermatitis, Keratosis, Inflammation and Desquamation from hearing aids.

Ozoile, "BIOINDUCER AND MICROBICIDE, PATENTED!" regenerates skin and mucous membranes, reduces inflammation mediators, shows a powerful microbicidal, fungicidal and virustatic action and is capable of rehabilitating tissue function.

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Otorig Drops with Ozoile, a pool of patented and non-fungible molecules, without cortisone, is an excellent skin regenerator in case of dermatitis, keratosis and eczema. It is also effective in cases of bacterial and viral otitis, otomycosis, because it creates an unfavorable environment to the growth of pathogenic microorganisms with a different mechanism from antibiotics, which lose their effectiveness over time due to the phenomenon of microbial resistance and lead to ever-closer relapses. It protects the ear from adverse factors (dust, pollution, humidity). Refreshes and frees the ear canal from excess of earwax, prevents and counteracts the formation of the earplug.

Otorig drops for otitis anesthetizes pain and refreshes with immediate relief from heat because Ozoile combines with Menthol, the active ingredient of mint, hypoallergenic and very pure, anesthetizing and refreshing.


Otorig drops is an effective alternative to topical steroids and antibiotics. Everyone can use it: children, adults, elderly and categories of patients at risk.

• Ear canal. Bacterial and viral otitis, acute and chronic, itching, ear pain and inflammation, earplug, otomycosis, hemorrhagic bullous myringitis, eczema of the external auditory canal, dermatitis, keratosis, discomfort from hearing aids.


  • Ear canal. Adults: 3-4 drops twice a day. Children: 1-2 drops twice a day


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Data sheet

Codice PARAF (a barre)
Capacità / n. Pezzi
40 ml
Patologie e Sintomi
Crosticine nasali
Discomfort da apparecchi acustici
Eczema del condotto uditivo esterno
Lichen orale
Tappo di cerume


Ozoile to the EAC eczema

New therapeutic approach with ozoile® to the EAC eczema, a chronic and annoying pathology

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Nuovo approccio ozoile eczemaCUE


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L'esperto Risponde

good evening I recently bought Rigenoma spray and I'm using it successfully on my hemorrhoids, I would like an opinion, I have a 14 years old dog who suffers from stomatitis due to the tartar. It is not possible to operate because it has significant liver problems. Should I use Rigenoma on his gums or is it toxic for Its liver'?

Dear user, you can certainly use Rigenoma spray for your dog because the product does not enter the circulation and, therefore, there will be no problems for the liver. Spray it on your finger and pass it over your dog's gums. Alternatively, we can recommend Otorig drops that has an instiller dispenser that facilitates the application on the gums and periodontal flap. Its formulation is also perfect for this treatment because the product is made with ozonized oil that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties enhanced with vitamin in the treatment of inflammation and with Tea tree oil for bacterial and fungal diseases. (Erbagil s. r. l. )

Hello, I wanted to know if Rigenoma spray can be used in case of pharyngitis and if you can spray it in the throat. I often suffer from sore throats. Thank you

Dear user, Rigenoma spray could be useful to you, but containing a volatile excipient it is not recommended for oral use, however, no contraindications have been recorded by those who have used it orally. It is recommended, alternatively, to use of Otorig, by dropping a few drops of the product directly on the throat. Otorig is effective in case of inflammation thanks to the medical ozone content that exerts inflammatory action enhanced by the action of vitamin E; menthol gives a refreshing and analgesic effect. (Erbagil s. r. l. )

Good morning, I suffer from gastric reflux that I can't control despite pump inhibitors. I always have my mouth and larynx inflamed. sometimes to protect the mucous membranes I use VEA ORIS spray letting it run directly into the throat. can I use in the same way Otorig for the larynx, maybe with the help of a small syringe? Thank you.

Well, Excellent choice. Otorig is the most suitable product for throat-larynx inflammation and more. The Ozonized oil (the main component of Otorig) is an excellent anti-inflammatory bactericide, fungicide, and virustatic. Gastric reflux can be also caused by a bacterium found in the oral cavity and located on the pyloric or stress valve In both cases, the product is the best product you can use for your problems. It is enough to remove the protective tab, take off the white top cap, apply a little pressure on the dropper, letting a few drops run down the throat. You can swallow the product. (Erbagil s. r. l. )

To the kind attention of Erbagil SRL, considering that Rigenoma Spray can also be applied on mucous membranes, I would like to know if it’s possible to apply it without any problem also in the oral cavity to treat a very annoying gingivitis and if it can be ordered in a pharmacy (I live in the province of Ancona). Thank you for your kind attention and I wish you good work

Dear user, Rigenoma spray may be useful to you but containing a volatile excipient it is not recommended for oral use, however, no contraindications have been registered by those who have used it orally. Alternatively, is recommended the use of Otorig. Its formulation is also perfect for treating gingivitis because the product is based on ozonized oil with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties enhanced with vitamin E in the treatment of inflammation and menthol gives a refreshing and analgesic effect. The product is equipped with an instilling dispenser that facilitates the application on the gums. Our products are available in all Italian Pharmacies. You can go to any pharmacy and, if necessary, you can inform the pharmacist that the product is distributed by Comifar, Farvima, Farmacentro, Safar. Alternatively, you can buy it directly from our online shop www.erbagil.com . Available for any further information. (Erbagil s. r. l.)

Good evening, and thank you for the service you offer. After several searches in the forums, I Bought Otorig and I found out to be a great product. I chose it to dissolve a earwax that I have had for a couple of weeks. the only thing is not yet clear, and excuse me for my stupid question, is if after the application you need to wash your ear to let out the earwax or if it goes down by itself to the ear canal. Thank you and good evening.

Dear user, we are always pleased to receive thanks from customers. As far as the application of Otorig is concerned, our otological drops eliminate the wax without washing. I advise you to tilt your head to let the drops go down the duct and maybe plug your ears with sterile gauze for a few hours in order to improve the effect. (Erbagil s. r. l. )

mia figlia di 9 anni ha un problema al condotto uditivo che è continuamente pieno di catarro , ha gia fatto adenoidi e tonsille parziali ma il problema non si è risolto , il pediatra ci dice che si deve sviluppare il condotto uditivo .Chiedo se le vs gocce per l'orecchio possono dare dei benefici . grazie

Gent. ssima, le gocce otologiche Otorig danno sicuramente dei benefici nel caso che ci presenta. Le gocce sono a base di olio ozonizzato dalle proprietà antinfiammatorie ed antibatteriche potenziato con la vitamina E e con Tea tree oil per le affezioni batteriche e micotiche; questo eliminano batteri o virus del catarro accelerando il processo di guarigione. Inoltre il mentolo dona un'effetto rinfrescante ed analgesico. (Erbagil s. r. l. )

Is there anything among Erbagil's products that could help me in periodontitis?

Dear User, Erbagil has not yet released a product for the treatment of periodontosis, a pathology on which we have and are working. What I can advise you now is Otorig drops because it is equipped with an instillator dispenser that facilitates application on the gums and on the periodontal flap. Its formulation is also perfect for the treatment of periodontosis because the product is based on ozonated oil with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties enhanced with vitamin in the treatment of inflammation and with Tea tree oil for bacterial and fungal diseases. Dear greetings Dr. ssa Gilda Benevento (Dr. ssa Gilda Benevento)

Otorig gocce

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