Podoped Detergent

Brebetto Ozoile

Cleansing of the lower limb, deep and delicate hygiene

Delicate rinsing detergent with Ozoile and physiological acid pH for the daily cleaning of feet and legs

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Suffering, inflamed, itchy, flaky, hyperkeratotic, highly dehydrated skin with altered lipid component

Foot infections of bacterial and fungal origin and presence of plantar warts

Tinea pedis and various macerations

Foot fissures 

Skin placed in contact with orthopedic devices

With Lactic Acid for a detersion at Phisiological pH which creates an hostile environment to pathogenic microbial proliferation and promotes the removal of dead cells.

With Decyl Glucoside delicate surfactant derived from glucose, highly compatible with the skin with a powerful sanitizing action and minimal delipidising action on cell membranes.

With OZOILE® exclusive component obtained from a patented Erbagil process in which Ozone binds to the ole nic bonds of organic olive oil +Oil from Erbagil Estate, forming stable Ozonides with anti-in¬ammatory, anti-itching, antimicrobial and regenerating action.

With Melaleuca Alternifolia which enhances the antimicrobial and antifungal action of OZOILE®.

With Calendula rich in phytosterols and flavonoids with a soothing and hydrating action due to the supply of polysaccharides and mucilages.


Apply to wet skin, massaging until a light foam forms, then rinse. In case of hyperkeratotic skin and flaking, to facilitate the removal of cellular debris it is advisable to apply the cleanser all over the foot, wait a minute and rinse.

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Codice PARAF (a barre)
Capacità / n. Pezzi
150 ml
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