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Despite the crisis of recent years that has affected almost all sectors of the economy, there is a dynamic and innovative Italy, which through new products or services and often exports worldwide, creates jobs and distributes well-being and wealth in the area. The German Institute for Quality and Finance (Itqf) dedicated its latest study "The champions of growth" to this Italy, which selected 800 companies that drive the recovery based on the average annual growth in the three-year period 2018-2021. This is the fifth edition of a survey that rewards the excellence of the Italian economy. To enter the ranking it is in fact necessary to show an average annual growth rate of over 11.3% in the three-year period under consideration.


"Our goal is to give notoriety to the Italian companies that drive the economy and contribute, thanks to their dynamism, to providing new impulses to the economy and society - explains Christian Bieker, director of the German Institute for Quality and Finance - Being among the “magnificent 800” and receiving recognition for one's entrepreneurial performance is a huge source of pride, as well as visible and official proof of one's business success. All companies that fall within the official ranking can use the award awarded, the well-known seal of quality, for marketing purposes. This helps to increase the interest of potential partners, customers and investors as well as to acquire new contacts and business opportunities ".


Among the 800 companies selected by Itqf, those of small and medium-sized companies capable of competing on an international level dominate. The most represented sector is the industrial one (13.5%), followed by technology (12.4%), services (10.8%) and sales & marketing (8.8%).


The photograph taken by the study confirms a concentration of growth champions in the regions with the highest economic activity: Lombardy, Lazio and Veneto, where 25%, 11% and 10.5% of the companies in the ranking are respectively . Among the provinces are Milan (107), Rome (80) and Naples (42) those with the most awarded companies.


The total turnover of the 800 samples reached 18.9 billion in 2021, with an increase of about 111% compared to 2018, while the average annual growth rate in the period 2018-2021 was 38%. The economic success also had important repercussions at the employment level: the 800 companies created over 46,000 new jobs in the three-year period, on average 58 new employees.