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Dermozoil Cream with Ozoile, without cortisone, is a specific medical device for the treatment of Dermatitis and Dermatosis of different etiology and in the prevention and management of exacerbations. It is a topical anti-inflammatory cream with a similar cortisone effect, with Ozoile without cortisone. It eliminates erythema, inflammation, irritation, xerosis, turns off itching. It restores the barrier function of the skin, counteracts dehydration and severe xerosis,  has antimicrobial action and stimulates skin regeneration.

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Dermozoil Cream is a natural cream, extremely effective and easy to use for the patient and for those who take care of it. Indicated in pediatric age, for adults, for the elderly, for the categories of patients at risk. It is indicated for the treatment of dermatitis and dermatosis of different etiology, in the prevention and management of exacerbations, and as maintenance of the good results achieved.


Dermozoil Cream is an innovative and exclusive product, because it contains Ozoile in a formulation studied in the laboratory. It has an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-itch action, protects against infections, repairs and regenerates the skin. Ozoile, a pool of molecules patented by Erbagil, in association with Blackcurrant, with a “cortisone-like” action, activates the anti-inflammatory and anti-itch response, preventing and combating possible microbial infections. Ozoile inhibits COX2, counteracts oxidative degenerative processes through scavenger action and activation of endogenous antioxidant enzymes, and thus immediately and effectively eliminates deep inflammation and unsightly redness. Ozoile thanks to its oily matrix strengthens the interstitial lipid matrix helping to recover the barrier function of the skin, and in association with Hyaluronic Acid slows down the loss of water and holds it in place, filling the space between the fibres, giving tone and firmness. Ozoile guides the correct re-epithelialization in association with Calendula, promoting the formation of new tissue and the increase of collagen as well as having a soothing action on redness and itching.

Ozoile has an antimicrobial action as shown by the in vitro tests shown in the table on the main bacterial and fungal strains that characterize Dermatitis and Dermatosis of different etiology, it transfers oxygen to the tissues and makes it immediately available in order to naturally activate the functional recovery of the cells.

Reduction (%) of bacterial and fungal growth (CFU) induced by Ozoile® - University of Pavia

In vitro tests performed at the UB-Care Spin Off of the University of Pavia

The use of Ozoile allows you to avoid the use of local drugs, cortisone and antibiotics.

Dermozoil Cream acts effectively and quickly on inflammation and itching, inhibiting cyclooxygenases and activating amino oxidase, its use promotes repair, promotes the increase of collagen, regenerated skin appears healthy, hydrated and elastic for long periods.


Dermozoil Cream is indicated in the prevention and treatment of dermatitis and dermatosis of different etiology such as atopic, eczematous, allergic, contact dermatitis and more generally in all those dermatological problems characterized by inflammation, irritation, erythema, xerosis, itching, desquamation, possible infection and alterations of the flora and of the skin barrier.


Distribute a uniform veil of Dermozoil Cream over the entire affected area, insisting on the most affected area. The product can also be applied to all body skin as a prevention, after daily washing with Idrozoil Delicate Detergent. Apply Dermozoil Cream two or three times a day or as directed by your doctor. Dermozoil Cream contains Ozoile, BIOINDUCER MICROBICIDE, PATENTED!

It does not contain topical cortisone so it can be used regularly also as a prevention and maintenance of the good results achieved. The treatment period is variable in relation to the area treated and the speed of the therapeutic response.


Topical use. Do not swallow. Keep the product out of the reach of children. Do not use in case of damaged packaging. It is contraindicated in case of ascertained hypersensitivity to the components. Do not use the device beyond the expiration date. The expiry date refers to the intact and correctly stored product. Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Preferably, store between 5 ° C and 35 ° C. Wash your hands thoroughly before using the medical device. Carefully close the tube after use. After opening, it is recommended to use the product within 6 months.

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