Podoped Fresh

Brebetto Ozoile

with Ozoile, Menthol and other plant-based active ingredients is an innovative refreshing and soothing formulation designed to offer immediate relief, well-being, freshness and lightness to tired and heavy legs, as well as fatigued feet.

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Main Benefits:

• Instant Relief: Provides quick relief and instant freshness for your legs and feet.

• Assists Microcirculation: Stimulates microcirculation and reduces the sense of heaviness and fatigue.

• Anti-fatigue: Ideal for tired legs, tired feet to which it gives a feeling of freshness and lightness.

Indications for use:

Podoped Fresh is for:

• Tired and sore legs

• Tired feet

• Peripheral Microcirculation Deficiency

• Sensation of pain in the lower limbs due to Stasis

• Legs Weighed Down by Pregnancy, Overweight, Sedentary Lifestyle or Excessive Prolonged Physical Exertion

• Post-Traumatic Skin Treatment from the Use of Elastic Compression Stockings

Main components:

• Ozoile® stable ozonides: a pool of oxygen-rich molecules of a lipid nature, obtained through a green technology, through a patented process by Erbagil: it creates a film-forming, protective and breathable barrier effect. Its oxidant nature modulates redox balance and generates a microenvironment hostile to pathogenic microbial proliferation and favorable to microcirculation activation with tissue regenerative and repairing action.

• Menthol: for a rapid refreshing and anti-fatigue action that gives immediate relief and a feeling of well-being.

• Centella Asiatica, Ruscus, Aesculus hippocastanum and Coumarin which reinforce capillary fragility and tissue tropism, stimulate microcirculation, reduce stasis, swelling, heaviness and fatigue.

How to use:

1. Apply Podoped® Fresh to the affected area

2. Massage with light circular movements starting from the foot and moving up the leg, from bottom to top.

3. Use the product twice a day, morning and evening

4. To further accelerate the rapid relief and feeling of freshness, the product can also be stored in the fridge.

Useful advice:

• For a correct and safe use always follow indications of your specialist

• Use Podoped® complementary products to enhance the effects.

Data sheet

Codice PARAF (a barre)
100 ml: 989048398

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