Podoped Hydrogel

Brebetto Ozoile

Gel with Ozoile® and lactic acid is a water-based gel, 80% of water for a rapid and effective autolytic debridement designed to treat necrotic and poorly cleansed skin lesions of the lower limb. With a pH of 4.2 that discourages abnormal microbial proliferation, it promotes natural cleansing of even infected lesions, softens and absorbs slough and exudate, and promotes granulation of underlying viable tissue.

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Main benefits:

Natural cleansing: Enhances the natural debridement of the wound, including the infected ones by autolysis.

Absorption of Exudate: Softens and absorbs slough and exudate.

Protected Environment: Creates an unfavorable microenvironment for abnormal microbial proliferation.

Podoped Hydrogel is indicated for:

Onychocryptosis (ingrown toenail)

Natural cleansing/Debridement of necrotic and poorly cleansed lesions by Autolysis

Cleansing the wound bed covered with fibrin, cellular debris and impurities

Active components:

Ozoile®, stable ozonides: a pool of oxygen-rich molecules of a lipid nature, obtained through a green technology, through a patented process by Erbagil: it creates a film-forming, protective and breathable barrier effect. Its oxidant nature modulates redox balance and generates a microenvironment hostile to pathogenic microbial proliferation and favorable to the activation of the microcirculation with a regenerating and repairing action on the tissues.

Lactic acid: at Ph 4.2 creates a hostile environment to pathogenic microbial proliferation also in case of necrotic and infected lesions.

How to use:

1. Preparation: remove the secondary dressing and clean accurately the wound.

2. Application: apply a layer of Podoped® hydrogel suitable to cover entirely the wound.

3. Dressing Change: The frequency of dressing change should be appropriate to the level of exudation of the wound. Protect the area with a secondary dressing.

4. Treatment of Onychocryptosis: Apply Podoped® Hydrogel once a day for 3 days with a semi-occlusive bandage.

Useful advice:

For a correct and safe use always follow indications of your specialist

Use Podoped® complementary products to enhance the effects

Data sheet

Codice PARAF (a barre)
5 bustine da 4 ml: 989048400
Capacità / n. Pezzi
5 bustine da 4 ml

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