Podoped Tape

Brebetto Ozoile

The innovative tape for Legs and feet wellness

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hat is Podoped rechargeable Tape?

Podoped Tape is an elastic and adhesive tape equipped with rechargeable microcells with controlled release of Ozoile (patented technology), activated with movement.

Made up of 97% cotton and colloidal substances from medicinal plants with an elastic-reticular structure.

How to use?

The tape includes charged and rechargeable microcells which release Ozoile® stable ozonides

Ozoile® (stable ozonides obtained through a patented green technology process) offers many benefits for the skin and tissues:

protects the skin

reduces the inflammatory and itchy state

counteracts hypoxia and oxidative stress

prevents and contrasts the alteration of microbiota

elasticizes, hydrates and normalizes the skin.

When use Podoped® Tape? 

Podoped Nastro è ideale per:

1. Problems of muscles, tendons and joints: (rechargeable microcells with Podoped® Nerv)

  • plantar fasciitis
  • metatarsalgia repositioning of the limb


2. Post-surgical wounds: (rechargeable microcells with Podoped® Spray and Podoped® Cream)

  • prevents the formation of keloids and improves healing
  • improves the quality of already existing keloids

3. Microcirculation problems: (rechargeable microcells with Podoped® Fresh)

  • lymphatic and blood stasis 
  • reactivation of the microcirculation

How to apply Podoped Tape?

1. Preparation: Be sure you have well-dry skin.

2. Application: It must be applied with a decompressive technique, therefore without tension and in the maximum skin elasticity direction. The specific use technique varies depending on the application area and purpose. 

3. Recharge: 12/24 hours after application, recharge the microcells by soaking the tape with Podoped® Spray or Podoped® Cream or Podoped® Fresh or Podoped® Nerv and repeat the operation every 24/48 hours depending on the case and as indicated by the doctor.

4. Remotion: Podoped® rechargeable tape must be removed when it loses adhesion.

Useful advice:

For a correct and safe use always follow indications of your specialist

Use Podoped® complementary products to enhance the effects of the tape.

Data sheet

Codice PARAF (a barre)
1 Rotolo 5 metri x 5 cm: 989048412
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1 Rotolo 5 metri x 5 cm

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